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DOST-PCAARRD celebrates its 6th

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 12:48 AM    Views : 445by:Dahli Aspillera

IN 1972, the Philippine Council for Agricultural Research (PCAR) was established as one of the sectoral councils under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

PCAR changed to PCARR in 1975--Philippine Council for Agriculture & Resources Research. PCARR was tasked to provide a unified and focused direction for the country's agricultural/resources research; to later add "Development"--PCARRD.

In 2011, persuant to Executive Order No. 366, PCARRD and the Philippine Council for Aquatic & Marine Research & Development (PCAMRD) were consolidated to become the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)--adding another A for aquatic. PCAARRD became an apex organization that supports and manages the national network of government and higher education institutions involved in the crop, livestock, forestry, fisheries, soil and water, mineral resources and socioeconomic research and development.

With expanded coverage, functions, and responsibilities, PCAARRD formulates policies, plans, and programs for science and technology-based R&D and generates resources to support its program.

Dr. Reynaldo Ebora, Executive Director: "Food security and the attainment of a robust economy remain a major challenge in this country and throughout the world. Towards this goal, agricultural productivity must be achieved in the midst of declining resources such as land, water and other agricultural inputs through improved technologies. Above all, there is a need to ensure that these technologies are transferred efficiently to their intended beneficiaries..."

As the apex council, PCAARRD is engaged in active partnerships with international, regional, and national organizations and funding institutions for joint

R&D, human resource development and training, technical assistance, and exchange of scientists, information and technologies. PCAARRD also supports the National Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Network (NAARRDN) compose of national multi-and single-commodity and regional R&D centers, cooperating stations, and specialized agencies.

Being an ISO 9001:2008--certified agency for its quality management system, PCAARRD is committed to achieving a sustained dynamic leadership in science and technology innovation in the AANR (agriculture, aquatic, natural resources) sectors by providing a strategic leadership in promoting S&T as a platform for AANR products innovation and environment resiliency. Guided by its core values of relevance, excellence, and cooperation, PCAARRD will remain steadfast in catalyzing the Philippine AANR sectors toward self sufficiency and global competitiveness.

Last week's two-day 6th anniversary celebration at DOST in Los Baņos commemorated the institutionalization of PCAARRD. During the event, PCAARRD recognized the outstanding accomplishments of institutions and individuals in the AANR through a national symposium.

With these research and development accomplishments and initiatives, PCAARRD looks forward to more productive undertakings and meaningful anniversaries in the future.


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In 1902, the serum laboratory of the Bureau of Health (now Department of Health) and the botany section of the Bureau of Agriculture (now Department of Agriculture) were both under the Bureau of Government Laboratories.


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