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Saturday, November 04, 2017 12:00 AM    Views : 141by:Jamsie Joy E. Perez, DOST-PCAARRD S&T Media Service

The different activities during the WESVAARRDECs FIESTA 2017. Image credit: Jamsie Joy Perez, Applied Communication Division, DOST-PCAARRD.

DARAG native chicken, mango, muscovado, and bamboo. These are the featured commodities in the recently concluded Farms and Industry Encounters through the Science and Technology Agenda (FIESTA).

Hosted by the Western Visayas Agriculture Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Consortium (WESVAARRDEC) and conducted in Cabatuan, Iloilo, the five-day event showcased each of the mentioned commodities. 

The event included a techno-forum, where the current research and development on the commodities, were discussed to promote them to the community. 

Farmers, students, and partner government agencies participated in the event. 

An exhibit also showcased the different products, technologies, and research studies of the partner agencies in the region.

Other activities included a cooking contest at the Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School. High school students from nearby towns showed their talents and skills in food preparation of the featured commodities from main dish to dessert. 

A poster making contest, which was participated by elementary pupils, was also held with the theme, "Advancing Science and Technology towards Inclusive Growth in Region 6. 

Through a guided tour at the Maasin Bamboo Factory, the participants saw the production of several bamboo products such as barbeque sticks, chopsticks, and furniture. They also saw ‘banig (mat)' weaving, as demonstrated by the women in the community of Maasin, Iloilo. 

The tour also included a visit at the Maasin Bamboo nursery, where bamboo clearing, as part of the rehabilitation process of bamboo, was demonstrated.


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