AsiaSense 2018 (the 8th International Conference on Sensors)

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asia sense 2018


AsiaSense 2018 (the 8th International Conference on  Sensors) is an inter-disciplinary meeting of scientists and engineers working in diverse fields in the research, development and innovation of physical and chemical sensors.  
AsiaSense 2018 presents an excellent platform for the presentation of the advancements made by scientists and researchers from different parts of the world, in the field of sensors technology.  It likewise provides an opportunity for researchers to establish linkages and to pursue continuing education.

AsiaSense has been held since 2003 in different countries in Asia, including Malaysia (2003, 2013), Indonesia (2005, 2015), Philippines (2007), Thailand (2009) and Korea (2011).
AsiaSense 2018 is organized by the Kapisanang Kimika ng Pilipinas - Division of Analytical Sciences (KKP-DAS), in cooperation with the University of Santo Tomas, through its Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Science, Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School.

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S & T Trivia

" Urine is normally used in drug detection, but Dr. Enrique Ostrea discovered that the use of meconium (the baby's first stools) was more sensitive since the drugs taken by the mother accumulate in the fetus' intestines. This mec test is now used by the US National Institutes of Health, and Ostrea has received numerous awards and US patents. "

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