Proper pig management promoted in San Simon, Pampanga

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 12:00 AM    Views : 361by:Anna Korina H. Cacho, Project Communication Officer (AH/2012/066)

Participants and project team members of the Nipple Drinker and Creep Box Day (Image credit: Livestock Research Division (LRD), PCAARRD)

SAN SIMON, Pampanga The Pig Health Eco Health Project, a collaborative project by Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources and Research and Development (PCAARRD), conducted the Nipple Drinker and Creep Box Day. The event was held at San Simon, Pampanga, which is the pilot site of the project. 

The event aimed to promote proper pig management through the use of simple yet critical technologies in maintaining the proper health of pigs. These technologies include the nipple drinker, which provides clean water for the pigs at all times; creep boxes, which keep piglets safe; biogas unit, which manages waste and can be used to save fuel for cooking; rain water harvester, which saves water for cleaning pig pens; and a record keeping method, which tracks production performance, management practices, and profits from raising pigs. 

(Left to right) Mrs. Elsa Salvador, Mr. Estaniel Galang, and Mrs. Imelda Anicete gave their testimonials on the benefits of the technologies and how they have improved their livelihood (Image credit: LRD, PCAARRD)

Dr. Paul John Alvaran, project veterinarian, and Ms. Tessa Lantican, project agricultural economist, led the discussions on pig management and costing materials. 

Elsa Salvador, Estaniel Galang, and Imelda Anicete, three progressive farmers who adopted the technology, gave their testimonials on the benefits of the technologies and how they have improved their livelihood. 

The agricultural coordinators, local government units (LGUs) of San Simon, and staff from ACIAR were also present to witness the event and activities conducted. 

All the participants received nipple drinkers, ten received creep boxes, and two participants each received a female pig. The participants also received free items from the invited feed companies. 

Participants were given free Nipple Drinkers and IEC materials on pig management (Image credit: LRD, PCAARRD)

At the end of the event, the project team emphasized that the technologies must be recognized as an investment rather than expenses, since in the long run, these technologies will make the farmers' livelihood better.






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