DOST-PNRI pushes nuclear power as cleanest & cheapest source of power

Wednesday, August 03, 2022 04:10 AM    Views : 420by:Dhana Garcia

DOST-PNRI is pushing for nuclear energy in the Philippines citing it as a clean energy source at a lower cost.

An official of the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI) reiterated that nuclear power is the cleanest source of power at a lower cost.

DOST-PNRI Director Carlo A. Arcilla stated during a Laging Handa briefing that using nuclear power would be the safest, cleanest, and largest- scale energy available.

With 450 active nuclear power plants around the globe, of which 100are in America supplying 20 percent of its electricity needs without pollution, these plants in America have been operating for over 60 years and were given a license to operate for 20 more years, he pointed out.

“Ang daming namamatay dahil sa air pollution; ang namatay sa nuclear power accidents kasama na po Fukushima at saka Chernobyl ay napakakaunti. So, kung unsafe iyong nuclear, bakit may halos 100 na nasa Amerika," Arcilla asked.

Other than America, Arcilla said the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other oil-rich countries also have their nuclear power plants. At present, the world is in a difficult situation because of the problem in Ukraine.

With the problem going on in Russia, nuclear is one of the best ways to answer energy consumption issues in the Philippines. Arcilla mentioned that nuclear power delivers high-energy density and energy security.

The country’s current energy sources are composed of 60 percent coal which is imported mostly from Indonesia and 20 percent from the Malampaya gas field. Arcilla has suggested that nuclear power can help in supplying the 20 percent being supplied by the Malampaya gas field, which is depleting fast.

He added the country has no choice since it has no coal and the Malampaya gas field is running low.

He said what’s important is to handle the energy mix responsibly and put nuclear power in it so that energy consumption won’t be a bigger issue.

“Actually, renewables at nuclear can complement each other. Kaso ang problema kasi sa wind and solar, variable siya, nakadepende siya kung maaraw o hindi, 30 percent lang ang capacity factor niya unless, kailangan mo ng backup, unless mayroon kang battery na mahal.” Arcilla said in an earlier statement.


Source: Philippine News Agency website

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