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DENR-7 identifies invasive alien species in NegOr's nat'l park

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 08:53 AM    Views : 1559by:Ugnayan,com

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7) in Central Visayas has identified 14 invasive alien species (IAS) in the Natural Park of Negros Oriental.

DENR-7 regional executive director Dr. Isabelo Montejo said many alien species have successfully invaded natural and human-altered habitats through premeditated and unintentional introductions.

Ecosystems Research and Development Services (ERDS) biologist Regie Bueno, forester Ambrosio Villanueva, Alex Villanueva and two park aides conducted the three-day inventory on June 13 to 15.

Based on the initial results of the assessment, 14 invasive alien species were identified within the 8,016.05-hectare Balinsasayao Twin Lakes National Park, which straddles three towns in Negros Oriental.

Three are fish species, and eleven are plant species. Among the fish species found in the lake are tilapia or Tilapia mossambica, mosquito fish or Gambusia affinis, and carp or Cyprinus carpio.

This came after the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)'s Global Invasive Database (GISD) lists 47 alien species that have been introduced to the Philippines and identified seven worst invasive plant species.

Invasive alien species are species introduced deliberately or unintentionally outside their natural habitats where they have the ability to establish themselves, invade, outcompete and take over the new environments.

"Balinsasayao Twin Lakes is a natural park which is a relatively large area not materially altered by human activity where extractive resource uses are not allowed and are maintained to protect outstanding natural and scenic areas of national or international significance for scientific, educational and recreational use," Montejo explained.

Montejo said IAS can negatively impact biodiversity, species extirpation and even extinction, soil degradation or erosion, and reduce productivity in forestry, agricultural and fishing sectors.

"DENR Secretary Ramon JP Paje has given us instructions to continue in the conduct of the inventory particularly those proclaimed protected areas," the DENR director added.

The Balinsasayao Twin Lakes, known as the habitat of rare birds and animals, have been proclaimed a protected area under Presidential Proclamation No. 414 dated November 21, 2000 and situated in the municipalities of Valencia, Sibulan, and San Jose, Negros Oriental under the category of natural park.


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