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The DOST- Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) announces the availability of scholarship slots this 2012 for MS and PhD Programs under the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP) and the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT).

The ASTHRDP offers scholarship grants for MS and PhD programs in priority S&T areas and a 3-year scholarship grant to qualified science and mathematics faculty of Teacher Education Institutions (TEI's).

The deadline for submission of application form for MS and PhD programs is on 16 April 2012 for first semester and 3 September 2012 for second semester. And among the priority S&T areas are:

(1) Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources;
(2) Biological Sciences;
(3) Biotechnology;
(4) Chemical Sciences;
(5) Earth, Atmospheric and Space Sciences;
(6) Environmental Sciences;
(7) Fisheries and Marine Science;
(8) Information and Communication Technology;
(9) Materials Science and Nanotechnology;
(10) Pure and Applied Mathematics;
(11) Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and
(12) Pure and Applied Physics.

Applicants to the scholarship must be a Filipino citizen, not more than 45 years old at the time of application, in good health condition, pass the admission requirements for graduate studies at any of the National Science Consortium (NSC) member-universities and pass the interview and other screening procedures. The NSC member-universities are ADMU, CLSU, DLSU, MSU-IIT, UP Diliman, UP Los Baños, UP Manila, UP Visayas UST and VSU.

While the 3-year scholarship grant's deadline for submission of the applications is on 31 May 2012 for first semester and 14 September 2012 for second semester. The grant is open for qualified science and mathematics faculty of Teacher Education Institutions in PhD in Science Education with major in any of the priority fields:
1. Biology;
2. Chemistry;
3. Physics; and
4. Mathematics.

Applicants for the scholarship must:
- Have been a scholar-graduate under any of the DOST-SEI scholarship programs in the undergraduate or MS/MAT levels; and/or
- Have graduated with academic honors in the undergraduate or have MS/MAT degree in any of the priority fields;
- Be a science and mathematics faculty of Teacher Education Institutions (TEI's);
- Must not be more than 45 years old;
- Have passed the doctoral admission test in education and have been accepted at De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila;
- Not be a recipient of other scholarships;
- Be recommended by the Head of the sending Institution;
- Be with permanent employment status in TEI,
- Be allowed to study full-time for 3 years by the sending Institution;
- Possess sound physical and mental health; and
- Be willing to accept the terms and conditions specified in the Scholarship Contract which include, among others, return of service to the Sending Institution.

Moreover, the ERDT scholarship grant is open for those who would want to further pursue their study of engineering or related field in any of the eight-member universities in the country. The member-universities are DLSU, MIT, ADMU, MSU-IIT, USC, CLSU, UPLB, and UP Diliman.

The qualifications for the ERDT scholarship are:
- Must be a Filipino citizen;
- Must not be 45 years of age
- For MS applicants, must have BS degree in engineering or related field;
- For PhD applicants, must have a MS degree in engineering or related field;
- Must be in good health;
- Must not have criminal / administrative cases;
- Must be enrolled as full-time graduate-student;
- Must not have other scholarship contract;
- Must be willing to render the required service obligation equivalent to the length of time that the scholar enjoyed the scholarship – one year of service for every year of scholarship of a fraction thereof.

Deadline for the submission of the applications is on 30 April 2012 for first semester and 15 September 2012 for second semester,
(for MIT) 30 April 2012 for first semester and 31 October 2012 for second semester,
(for DLSU) 31 March 2012 for 1st term, 31 July 2012 for 2nd term and 31 October 2012 for 3rd term.

Among the privileges that DOST-SEI scholars will be receiving are free tuition, monthly stipend, transportation allowance, book allowance, group accident insurance and dissertation allowance.

For more inquiries on the scholarship, please visit or call the DOST-IX office at Pettit Barracks, telephone numbers (062) 991-1024 and look for Ms. Josephine Nohay; or the Provincial S&T Centers (PSTC) in upper Turno, Dipolog City, telephone numbers (065) 212-2244); in Rizal Avenue, Pagadian City, telephone numbers (062) 925-1152; and in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, telephone numbers (062) 3332793.


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