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PAO says Marinduque can grow strawberry

Thursday, July 05, 2012 03:11 AM    Views : 811by:Mayda Lagran

The Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) here said Marinduque has the potential to grow strawberry in Barangay Sibuyao, Sta Cruz and other areas in the mountains of Boac and has began training farmers.

Last month, the farmers were trained on strawberry production to provide them with sufficient knowledge on proper planting, replanting, growing, caring, harvesting and marketing.

Cora Peregrin of the PAO said strawberry has a great potential since it is an all year-round crop. The seedling may be harvested after 45 days only and replanting would follow to make sure production is continuous. They are now preparing 100 seedlings to be planted in bigger land area to increase production.

In a related development, around 2,000 square meters of land in Bgy. Sibuyao, Sta. Cruz, will be provided for vegetables that grow in cool places. Also two units green house and an office PAO will be based in the area to monitor production of crops and to directly assist the farmers.

The highlands of Marinduque which has a cool temperature now grows lettuce, broccoli, cabbages, beans and other vegetables. PAO in coordination with Gov. Carmencita O. Reyes are now in the process of providing more vegetable seedlings to increase production and harvest of these plants.

The Sibuyao Vegetables Growers Association headed by Kgd. Reden Pedelino takes charge of the vegetable production and closely monitored by PAO for the needed technical assistance.

According to Peregrin, they are planning to increase production of garlic in Marinduque. The present production in Sibuyao and Tambunao is not enough for the province's consumption.

They will be planting around 100 kilos of garlic seedlings in December. PAO is now preparing the seedlings as planting materials which will greatly help farmers increase their harvest and sales.


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