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Lung Flute, an effective bronchial hygiene therapy

Thursday, July 05, 2012 07:18 AM    Views : 865by:Rachel Ann Doreen D. Nadal

For the past years, different lung airway clearance techniques have been developed to alleviate bronchiectasis. Among the techniques was the use of Lung Flute, a hand-held disposable device used to help loosen and obtain sputum or phlegm sample in patients.

With more and more people at risk of developing bronchiectasis, researchers from the Pulmonary Section of the Lung Center of the Philippines conducted a study entitled, Comparison of the Flutter Device (Lung Flute) to Active Cycle Breathing Technique (ACBT) in Hospitalized Patients with Bronchiectasis: A Pilot Study." The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of Lung Flute device against ACBT in patients with bronchiectasis.

Researchers compared the efficacy of Lung Flute to the standard ACBT among hospitalized patients diagnosed with bronchiectasis. The amount of released phlegm of patients and their level of relief after phlegm discharge were tested. Thirty one patients received ACBT and the other 31 patients used Lung Flute.

Results of the comparison showed that the amount of phlegm released and level of relief using the Lung Flute device is effective as ACBT in improving airway flow of bronchiectasis patients. The use of Lung Flute was able to generate large amount of phlegm for three consecutive days compared to ACBT. The researchers claimed, "Lung Flute was found to have high level of patient acceptability as many of the patients commented on the ease of its use."

In conclusion, researchers recommended Lung Flute as a suitable alternative to standard ACBT during in-hospital care for patients with bronchiectasis. Researchers confirmed, "Overall, there was no difference in improvement between two treatment groups. Such techniques are equally efficacious in removal of secretions from patients with bronchiectasis."


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