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City life nutrition mistakes

Sunday, July 15, 2012 12:00 AM    Views : 257by:Journal Online

IN THIS modern world, everybody wants everything fast and in an instant icluding food, not realizing that the instant processed are not "healthy".

Let's take a peak at some of the mistakes in city life diet.

* Brown eggs are more nutritious. Many think brown eggs for breakfast are healthier than the whites. They are just paying 25 percent more of the prize. A large brown egg contains the exact same proportion of white and yolk, and the same nutrients, as a white egg. The only difference is the breed of hens which are often feed more than the white-egg laying hens. Having the same amount of nutrition, just pick a good egg.

* Wrong concept on soya milk. Soy milk has lots of calcium. Because tts component tends to settle at the bottom of the bottle, you just toss it. The mistake is you didn't shake it and a whole lot of good-for-you calcium goes down the drain.

Calcium added to soy milk is good for bones. But it tends to settle and then can be quite tough to redistribute into the milk. Fortified soy milks may deliver only 25 percent to 79 percent of the promised calcium, depending on the type used and the way it's added. In cow's milk, calcium is naturally suspended throughout the liquid.

* Boiling instead of poaching the vegetables. Dropping foods that are rich in water-soluble vitamins (like the Bs, C, folate) into cooking water leaches some of the vitamins. That's fine for a soup or stew, less so if you're draining the veggies.

One study found that boiled broccoli retained only 45 to 64 percent of its vitamin C after 5 minutes of boiling. Better steamed or poach your broccoli to obtain 83 to 100 percent of calcium. Same with other vegetables don't boil them, just poach them.

* Fast food hanker. Because beef burgers can really make you fat, you'd rather chomp the grilled chicken or chicken sandwich. Rethink again.

Sodium can soar in a chicken sandwich. The chicken breast may have been injected with a salty brine solution to bind the meat and to keep it moist. At monarch-sound burger chain, its Tendergrill Chicken sandwich has 1,100mg sodium, and 75 percent of that comes from the chicken itself while its Junior burger has half the sodium, little of it from the beef, and 130 fewer calories.

The more your taste buds find the chicken sandwich tasty, the more sodium content it has.

* Eating more spinach. What's wrong with eating spinach? Many women under 50 are iron-deficient. Many get their supply from iron-rich spinach.

What they get are lots of nutrients - but not much iron. Iron is important for energy because it helps deliver oxygen to every cell in your body, but it's tricky to get because it comes in two types.

Spinach and other plant sources are rich in what is called non-heme iron. Only about 2 to 20 percent of non-heme iron is absorbed, as against 15 to 35 percent of the heme iron found in animal foods, specifically meat. Chicken liver has the most (13mg), followed by oysters (4.5mg), and beef (about 3mg).

To help your body absorbed the iron from spinach, pair it with orange juice and other fruits. Or take vitamin C after you eat the spinach.

* You simply chop the garlic. Most recipes call mincing the garlic. Because it's a little tedious to mince, you just chop them.

Minced garlic is more redolent than chopped because the smelly, heart-healthy thiosulfinates are created as the clove is cut. The more you cut, the healthier the compounds it gives. Thiosulfinates prevent blood platelets from clumping, which helps keep arteries unobstructed.

If you can't help it, chop the garlic early in the preparatory phase, then set it aside for a few minutes. Cover it so it won't dry out to give time for thiosulfinates to develop.


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