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DepEd to launch nutri-juice feeding program

Monday, July 16, 2012 08:12 AM    Views : 473by:Oliver T. Baccay

The Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with the Provincial Nutrition Council Cagayan, is set to launch a nutri-juice program on the first week of August in the nutritionally depressed schoolchildren in the province.

Antonia Mangussad, nurse, DepEd, said the program aims to reduce the malnutrition prevalence rate among schoolchildren. This is seen as a way to alleviate poverty in the province since the target beneficiaries belong to the identified marginalized group as per the National Household Targeting System.

The program, she said, is in partnership also with Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, who offered their services by supplying the nutri-juice packs to the identified school children.

"The program will run from this month up to December to cover the six months feeding period, benefiting 10,000 pupils from grades one to six," Mangussad said.

She explained that Coca Cola will be providing the juice in the 13 identified nutritionally depressed municipalities in the province. The feeding time will be set every morning of every school day.

Magdalena Lara, nutrition officer, said that before the feeding program, each child will be weighed and after every month, they will be will be weighed again to determine if there are improvements in their weight, a determinant of the nutritional status of the children.

Lara further explained that in case the feeding program will not be effective after a month, other member agencies of the nutritional council should come in for interventions to achieve the program's goal of improving the nutritional status of the undernourished pre-school children.


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