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Natural medicine for your baby

Friday, August 17, 2012 02:17 AM    Views : 490by:The Manila Times

Here's good news for parents: There are many safe and natural ways to relieve life's sniffles, bumps and bruises. When small babies catch big colds or take mighty falls, you can comfort them quickly by using tried and true natural methods and medicines.

Creating a natural medicine chest at home can be easier than you think. For example, when your child is teething, you can use ice blocks and cold washcloths. They help soothe swollen, irritated gums fast. Many families find them better than numbing benzocaine-based creams.

For aches and swelling from bumps and bruises, many families keep arnica on hand. It's plant based and aspirin free, and relieves pain fast with no side effects. Arnica is generally available in tablet, gel or cream form. Some parents carry it wherever they go.

Cuts, scrapes and skin irritations such as diaper rash can be treated with lanolin, an oil that is derived from sheep's wool. Also keep calendula extract on hand—it's a popular main ingredient in many creams and works wonders on chapped skin as well.

During cold and flu season, a good night's sleep is essential for all the family. It's also important to practice good hygiene, so encourage children to sneeze into the bend of their elbow, and wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water. Traditional homeopathic medicine can be used for big colds in tiny bodies. Always read and follow label directions.

By creating a natural medicine chest, you can be ready with medicines that are safe and natural for your child's young, growing body.



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