First Conference on ICT for Philippine Development

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We would like to invite you to the first Conference on ICT for Philippine Development (ICT4phD) which will be held at the PSSC Auditorium, Philippine Social Science Council, Commonwealth, Diliman, Quezon City on 21-22 September 2012. The conference is a joint undertaking of the Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy (CLCD) of the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG), the Philippine ICT Research Network, Ideacorp, the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), and the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC), and co-sponsored by Intel Philippines.

Among the panels and themes to be discussed in the Conference are:

Social Media and Society
Cybercrime, cybersex, pornography and privacy
Everyday lives in the Information Society
Use of ICTs in Education
State of ICT in Education
Issues in Telehealth
Data Privacy in the Philippines
Health Information Systems in the Philippines
Reflections about Technology in a developing world
ICTS and Minorities
Issues in ICTD

Registration fee for local participants is PhP1000 and for international participants is US$30. The fee includes the conference kit, lunch and snacks for the two-day event.

Please refer to the attached tentative program for more details or visit the conference webpage (http://ajstudio.co.cc/ict4phd/) for updates. For confirmations and any questions, you may contact Ms. Arlene Santiago at (632) 925-4109 or email at clcdncpag@yahoo.com.


S & T Trivia

" Dr. Ramon Barba discovered that spraying mango trees with potassium nitrate induced flowering all year round. This technology made the Philippines a leading exporter of mangoes and mango products such as candy, puree and juice. "

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