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White corn lessens risk of diabetes

Thursday, September 20, 2012 07:32 AM    Views : 543by:Radyo Natin

Not only filling, cooked white corn is now also discovered to have contents that can help minimize the risk of having diabetes.

Regional Corn coordinator Felizardo M. Salomes of the Department of Agriculture Region IX said white corn, when processed into grits, can be a good staple suited for diabetics as it has higher amylose content that makes it harder to gelatinize and digest.

It is also known to have a low Glycemic Index (GI), causing carbohydrates to metabolize slower and more efficiently, thus gradually releasing glucose (simple sugar or monosaccharide) into the bloodstream, avoiding 'sugar rush' or excess of sugar presence in the body.

Since diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by too much sugar or glucose in the bloodstream, patients diagnosed to have the condition are advised to shift to food low in Glycemic Index, one of which is corn, particularly the white variety.

Corn enhances endurance and stamina among eaters, especially athletes and boxers; and this is actually proven among Filipinos. One living proof of this is the world boxing champion Manny Paquiao. White corn is regularly incorporated in his diet especially during his preparations for upcoming fights.

According to Salomes, the department will hold more regional forums on white corn to promote its healthful benefits.



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