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World Meatless Lunch on October 1

Thursday, September 20, 2012 08:35 AM    Views : 422by:ABS-CBN News

An environmental group is urging Filipinos to join the World Meatless Lunch, an event in October where participants skip meat and eat more vegetables.

Similar to Earth Hour, the World Meatless Lunch is a call for people to "turn off" their appetites for meat for a day to help alleviate the effects of climate change.

It will be launched by Luntiang Lunes (Meatless Monday Philippines) on October 1.

"We are supporting this global call for a World Meatless Lunch on October 1 to reduce meat consumption and help alleviate climate change effects. Filipinos, being one of the most vulnerable to climate change disasters, should join the call to reduce global meat consumption, one plate at a time," Francis Quimpo, secretary general of Kalikasan Partylist, said in a statement.

"We shall be joining the world and urge our communities to reduce meat consumption not only on October 1, on the World Meatless Lunch, but also in every Monday to give our support for a change in diet attitudes and consumption in our country," Quimpo added.

According to Dr. Custer Deocaris, founding chairperson of Luntiang Lunes, nearly 45% of the earth's land area and over 70% of the Amazon forest have been cleared for raising livestock and growing crops to feed them.

Citing the World Watch Magazine, Deocaris said meat contributes to up to 51% of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

A "Meatless Monday" bill, which encourages school cafeterias to serve plant-based meals at the start of the week, has been filed by Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Teddy Casiņo last August.



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