Debunking the Fallacy of Greatness

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This year, I was fortunate to have witnessed the awarding of the Top 100 Engineers of the country, produced by the University in the past hundred years. These men and women epitomize not only their own dedication to public service and their passion to constantly improve their craft, but represent our own limitless capacity to achieve greatness. Not all of our students may be able to hold great power or prestige in the future, but this does not mean that they shall never achieve greatness. For greatness is a vocation which everyone is called to, bounded not by the enormity of influence or power one holds, but by how much he or she uses his or her power to do good, and to selflessly serve his country and his fellowmen.

by Matthew Oliver Ralp L. Dimal



S & T Trivia

" Wilmo Orejola, a Filipino surgeon, created the harmonic scalpel, an ultrasonic surgical knife that doesn't burn flesh. He has more than a dozen medical and toy patents in the US and in the Philippines. Francis Duhaylongsod, a Filipino heart surgeon in Hawaii, invented an operation called minimally-invasive cardiac surgery. This uses smaller cuts into the body, reducing the nine-week recovery period to two. "

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