My Last Lecture

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If I were given one single opportunity to ruminate on what mattered to me most and pass this one to my students in a “Last Lecture,” it would include these three points. First, there is value and fulfillment in working hard to see the realization of your lifelong dreams. Second, learn to use each obstacle you encountered in your struggle onward to help rather than deter you from reaching your goals. Finally, if along the way you meet people who need a help, don’t hesitate to offer then a hand. It is nobler to be held back because of a friend in need, rather than realize your dreams fast yet deaf and blind to other’s pleas for help.

by Mark Albert Zarco


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" Francisco Quisumbing, a Filipino chemist, invented Quink pen ink which he sold to Parker for international consumption. The ink cleans the pen as it writes, dries quickly on paper, and remains liquid inside the tube. "

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