Biomaterials: Plasma Physics in Action

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The research on biomaterials for hospital use is one of the driving forces in plasma physics and materials science. Biomaterials such as poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) are extensively utilized in synthetic vascular surgery because of its chemical and mechanical stability, and low flammability. Some of the implanted materials experience failures due to common complications such as bacterial colonization on the surface and the subsequent organ infections. The most common solutions to these biomaterial-related infections often require the removal or the replacement of the implanted device as well as the immediate aggressive antibiotic therapy. This method is usually expensive and increase patient's discomfort. Surface modification technology is seen to alleviate the problems relative to implanted biomaterials. Although there is an extensive study on PTFE as a biomaterial, scientists are still researching to create a cheaper and effective biomaterial. The study offers a simple yet effective way of making PTFE as a biomaterial.

by Hernando S. Salapare III, M.Sc.



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