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On 26 September 2009, tropical storm Ondoy brought record flooding in Metro Manila which brought large portions of a mega city of over 11 million citizens to a virtual standstill. In the wake of the deluge, 464 were left dead with 37 missing and 529 injured. The day after the Ondoy disaster, a Google-based interactive map was created and announced through Facebook where residents input their anecdotal accounts of the maximum flood heights of the deluge. The interactive map is a permanent record of the Ondoy disaster and demonstrated how cyberspace technology bridged the desire of the community to help with hazard mitigation efforts. Any citizen can browse this map in where it is seen overlain on flood simulations. In the same website are inundation maps for many parts of the Philippines simulated using an Ondoy-type rainfall scenario. The vision is to create flood hazard maps for the entire country using higher resolution topography and near real-time rainfall data. Also, plans are now being drafted to create applications in Facebook to get Filipinos to play science-based Philippine disaster games to promote hazards awareness and inform the populace on what to do in times of emergency.

by Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay



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" Zebronkey, half-zebra and half-donkey, was first bred in Manila Zoo in 1962 "

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