IDEA: Learning is as easy as ABCDZUP

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Learning should not be separate from the way our students live their lives. One thing I realized from our DZUP radio gig is that we can still engage our students beyond the classroom, through forms that are already part of their daily behavioral repertoire social networking sites, blogging, and listening to the radio. By bringing the academe closer to the public, we are forced to package Psychology in the most edutainingŁ way possible, where concepts are tailored in a fun, accessible manner. By situating the concepts in the lives of the students and allowing them to participate freely in the discussion, Psychology can be easily integrated and applied in their lives.

by Ton Clemente


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" Rodolfo Arambulo of Laguna, Philippines developed Multishock, a bullet type that increases the firepower and stopping power of an ordinary gun with multiple hits in a single shot. It is considered as the first of its kind in the world. "

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