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DOST NegOr PSTD Atty. Gilbert R. Arbon (Center) in blue shirt and DOST 7 ARD Engr. Jesus F. Zamora, Jr. (in white polo holding the keyboard) with DepED Dumaguete City Division Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Evangel Luminarias (in blue shirt holding the keyboard) are flanked with school heads and guests during the turnover ceremony of the ICT equipment for the GIA Project.


DOST 7 ARD Engr. Jesus F. Zamora, Jr. gives a presentation on DOST 7 Support Programs for ICT Industry Development during the forum shortly before the turnover ceremony.


DOST NegOr PSTD Atty. Gilbert R. Arbon gives a presentation on the overview on the Smarter Schools in Digital Dumaguete Initiative which was the GIA Project of DOST NegOr to DepED Dumaguete City Division.


DOST 7 STARBOOKS Deployment Officer Ms. Venus Retuya orients the focal persons from the 7 beneficiary junior high schools of STARBOOKS in Dumaguete City.

Dumaguete City The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) here in Negros Oriental aims for "smarter schools" in the Dumaguete City through a Grant-in-Aid (GIA) Project.

Dubbed as Smarter Schools in Digital Dumaguete Initiative (SSIDDI), the GIA Project aims to scale-up ICT utilization in the public schools in the city and improve the quality of education for the less privileged students.

"The project is aligned with the DOST's S&T Human Development thrust under the Science for Change Program (S4CP). As a result, there could be a rising trend in the number of local students joining SEI-sponsored promotional events (e.g. Philippine Robotics Olympiad) or availing of SEI scholarships. There could also be an increase in the number and quality of student research projects, resulting to more local entries to TAPI's Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE). In the long run, the project will probably contribute to the country's attainment of the desired ratio of 380 researchers, scientists, and engineers (RSE) per million people as recommended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)," said Atty. Gilbert R. Arbon, Provincial S&T Director of DOST Negros Oriental PSTC.

In support to the said initiative, a forum on ICT-enabled education and S&T human resource development was attended by ICT industry stakeholders and was held Thursday at DepED Dumaguete Convergence Zone.

DOST 7 Assist. Reg. Dir. for Technical Operations Engr. Jesus F. Zamora, Jr. presented the DOST support programs for ICT industry development. DOST 7 Regional STARBOOKS Coordinator Ms. Ma. Arleen T. Arnejo talked on how S&T culture could be enhance through STARBOOKS also known as Science and Technology Academic Research Based Openly Operated Kiosks.

PSTD Atty. Arbon gave an overview of the GIA Project on SSIDDI to the stakeholders while Mr. Antonio Remollo gave a message on behalf of Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo.

The ICT needs and concerns were presented by Ms. Suzanne Bascara, SPi CRM Site Director and ICT Association of Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental to the stakeholders while Mr. Bud Naifeh revealed the Rotary Club Park Cities programs in support to the smarter schools initiative.

A turnover ceremony followed shortly after the forum. 5 units computer servers, 18 units 40" LED flat TV, 7 units desktop computers, 6 laptop computers, 6 Arduino kits, and 6 Raspberry Pi kits were turned over to DepED Dgte City Division as are part of the PhP761,000.00 GIA Project.

Dr. Evangel Luminarias, Schools Division Superintendent, along with DepED Dgte City Division officials and school heads received the ICT equipment during the ceremonial turnover. She expressed gratitude to DOST for extending support to its ICT development.

In the afternoon, the STARBOOKS focal persons consisted of ICT coordinators and librarians of the 7 recipient public junior high schools attended the Technology Demo and Training on SuperSTARBOOKS. Ms. Venus Retuya, DOST 7 STARBOOKS Deployment Officer, served as the activity's resource person.

Target beneficiaries for the projects are students, librarians ,and STEM and ICT teachers from the 18 public elementary schools, 7 public junior high schools and 6 public senior high schools in Dumaguete City. (Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing, Science Research Specialist II/DOST NegOr S&T Media Service)


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" Dr. Josefino Comiso, a Filipino physicist with NASA, first discovered a recurring polynya (semipermanent area of open water in sea ice) in the Cosmonaut Sea, south of the Indian Ocean. "

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