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The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) started the implementation of the R&D Leadership (RDLEAD) program of the Department of Science and Technology. The RDLEAD is part of the Accelerated R&D Program for Capacity Building of Research and Development Institutions and Industrial Competitiveness of the Science for Change Program (S4CP).

The RDLead program aims to strengthen the research and development competencies of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and Research and Development Institutes (RDIs). It also complements the Niche Centers in the Region (NICER), also under the S4CP, in terms of competency building of its R&D team. The program is a response to the recent Global Competitiveness Index report (2016 2017) wherein, out of of 138 countries, the Philippines ranked 72nd in terms of quality of scientific research institutions and 78th in terms availability of scientists and engineers.

The RD Leader (expert) who will be chosen will be engaged with a particular NICER/RDI to share his/her expertise. The expert may extend help to SUCs/HEIs/RDIs in establishing a NICER; conducting writeshop and/or other learning activities to improve research personnel competencies; and in managing the NICER temporarily to help it become self-reliant and sustainable. The expert may likewise be engaged in assisting the said institutions to craft its NICER proposal for funding.

Experts from different areas will be engaged based on the agreed list of identified target NICERs for establishment in 2019. The targeted NICERs for funding are generally based on each region's economic and/or industrial inclinations given its available natural and manpower resources. This list was formulated to avoid unnecessary duplication among regions when it comes to R&D centers for funding to address industry development.

SUCs, HEIs, and RDIs with approved NICERs can avail of the RD Leader if they currently lack an expert. Potential experts (RD Leaders) are likewise encouraged to apply individually. NRCP will appropriately match them with NICERs based on the former's qualifications and the latter's needs.

For more information about the RDLead program, visit NRCP's fb page check out NRCP's website, or send an email to


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