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The signing of a memorandum of collaboration between the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) and the NRCP was in benefit of Mindanao by strengthening its expert and research base. NRCP President Ramon A. Razal (R) signed on behalf of the Council, while MinDA Planning, Policy, and Project Development Director Reyzaldy Tan (L) signed on behalf of his agency. NRCP Executive Director, Dr. Marieta Baņez Sumagaysay (R), witnessed in the ceremonial signing. (photo credit: MinDA

The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) recently entered into an agreement with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) through a signing ceremony held last month at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines in Cagayan de Oro City. The signing of a memorandum of collaboration (MOC) by President Dr. Ramon A. Razal with MinDA Director for Planning, Policy, and Project Development Reyzaldy B. Tan was among the highlights of 4th Mindanao Policy Forum, themed, "Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Mindanao: Creating Our Future Today."

Through the MOC signing, the Council is poised to help MinDA better establish an expert and research network, and churn more researches, policies, and development projects for Mindanao.

The agreement's specific objectives are as follows: to promote the conduct of researches and knowledge-sharing activities in support of Mindanao's development needs; to facilitate access to policy and scientific studies by recognized Experts from different disciplines and fields in and about Mindanao; sustain and strengthen the Mindanao Knowledge Center (MKC) in building up think-tank experts from Mindanao; to develop a pool of Mindanawon experts and researchers through this collaboration partnership; and to promote the "collaborative partnership in Mindanao and BIMP-EAGA community."

NRCP's responsibilities per the memorandum are: to provide technical expertise and services to MinDA in planning, project development, policy research and peer-review of development plans in Mindanao; to share databases and refer specific experts where necessary; to collaborate with MinDA in planning and conducting policy seminars (e.g., NRCP staff/experts as resource persons); to support and link MinDA with academic or research institutions as well as decision makers for policy formulation, legislation, and advocacy for Mindanao; among others.

For its part, MinDA seeks to: promote the Mindanao Development Framework 2020 (M2020) themes and agenda, and anchor the same with the national integrated basic research agenda (NIBRA) of NRCP; enhance its Mindanao Knowledge Center Network with capacity building, with opportunities for engagements or partnerships; encourage experts in Mindanao to be members of NRCP; provide avenues for knowledge sharing and advocacy like research fairs, conferences, and forums; and others.

During the event, NRCP Executive Director, Dr. Marieta Baņez Sumagaysay gave a short talk "What it means to be a woman in the age of FIRe (Fourth Industrial Revolution)" for the session "Mindanao in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution," where Dr. Geraldo S. Petilla, NRCP administrative chief, also served as moderator. Dr. Emmanuel O. Leaņo, head of the NRCP's Mindanao regional cluster, served as discussant in the session on agro-industrial technologies.


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