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Ms. Bernardita N. Pogosa, DOST XI resource person, facilitating the hands-on salt production of the participants.

According to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Davao region produces over 2M metric tons of coconut in 2015 and yet farmers are constantly confronted with challenges such as infestations which threatens their yield. Coconut growers in Davao Occidental opted using salt as fertilizer however these are not locally-produced, which only adds to their production cost. On average, a farmer would need one kilo of salt per coconut tree in a year.

The Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Council- Davao Occidental (PAFC-DavOcc), composed of coconut land owners and farmers, felt the need to acquire proper knowledge and skills in salt production. To address this need, PAFC-DavOcc in collaboration with the Provincial S&T Center in Davao Occidental initiated a Salt Production Training last September 04, 2018 held at Galeos Beach, New Argao, Malita.

This is an ecologically sustainable solution since Davao Occidental is a coastal province with readily available seawater.  Furthermore, farmers will now be able to maintain a steady supply of salt for their crops thus lessening their operational expenses. The DOST and PAFC-DavOcc is looking forward to locally-producing salt fertilizers and proposing a salt processing plant in Davao Occidental, starting large-scale production of salt. (Photo and text by Jocel Ann B. Bajenting PSTC Davao Occidental)


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" WIPO Inventor of the Year 1995 Edgardo Vazquez brought home the Gold Medal for the modular housing called Vazbuilt. This is a system for building fire-, termite-, typhoon- and earthquake-proof houses in less than a month using prefabricated posts and panels. Engr. James Reamon also took a gold from the WIPO in 1984 for his Jimbo Ventilation System. "

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