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House Deputy Speaker Linabelle Ruth Villarica and Representatives Francis Gerald Abaya and Arlene Arcillas are joined by DOST Secretary Fortunato De La Peña and PNRI Director Dr. Carlo Arcilla during the opening of the Nuclear Science and Technology Exhibit at the North Wing Annex of the House of Representatives on January 28, 2018.


DOST Secretary Fortunato De La Peña and Representative Francis Gerald Abaya listens intently as a PNRI researcher explains the benefits and advantages of the PNRI-developed Hydrogel Dressing for burns, wounds and bedsores.

PNRI Features Nuclear S & T at the House of Representatives

Featuring the latest Filipino-developed nuclear and radiation applications to the very halls of the Philippine legislature, the the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI) held an exhibit on nuclear science and technology on January 28-30 at the North Wing Annex of the House of Representatives.

The nuclear S & T exhibit was hosted in coordination with the House Committee on Science and Technology, chaired by Representative Erico Aristotle Aumentado.

DOST Secretary Fortunato De La Peña and PNRI Director Dr. Carlo Arcilla were joined by several representatives during the opening of exhibits on January 28, particularly House Deputy Speaker Linabelle Ruth Villarica as well as Representatives Francis Gerald Abaya of the 1st District of Cavite, Arlene Arcillas of the 1st District of Laguna and Strike Revilla of the 2nd District of Cavite.

The lawmakers expressed their strong support for measures that will ensure the safe and peaceful uses of nuclear science in the country. In particular, the House has already passed on third reading the bill for the Comprehensive Nuclear Regulation Act, aiming to establish an independent nuclear regulatory body for the Philippines.

“Beyond serving as a showcase of Filipino ingenuity, this exhibit also serves as a wake-up call to us lawmakers to be more supportive to the research and development sector,” said Representative Abaya, who delivered the keynote address during the opening ceremonies, and was one of the earliest authors of the consolidated bill.

“I am confident that through this exhibit, the legislators and staff can better appreciate the role of science in general, and more so by nuclear and radiation applications, in contributing to the collective prosperity of our country,” he said.

Among the technologies featured by PNRI are its award-winning Carrageenan Plant Growth Promoter which increases the yield of crops, development of mutant varieties of plants with improved qualities, radiation-processed medical products such as Hydrogel Dressing for burns, wounds and bedsores and radiation-processed hemostats for stopping bleedings.

PNRI also presented its service facilities such as the Cobalt-60 Multipurpose Irradiation Facility, the Electron Beam Irradiation Facility, as well as its regulatory functions and emergency preparedness and response capabilities.


S & T Trivia

" Flying in 1954 at the Manila International Airport, the airplane with an engine using alcohol was invented by Dr. Gregorio Zara (born on March 8, 1902). He also made the TV-telephone (videophone), a device that enables callers to view each other onscreen. "

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