DOT pushes for more aggressive promotion of Pateros as PH's balut capital

Monday, April 08, 2019 12:00 AM    Views : 174by:Analou De Vera

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is pushing to strengthen the “balut” industry in Pateros in a bid to further promote the food tourism in the municipality.

Balut, which is a boiled duck embryo, is a famous exotic delicacy in the Philippines.

The iconic delicacy has been the centerpiece of Patero’s food tourism. Pateros has garnered the title of Balut Capital of the Philippines.

“Tourism is all about experience. We want the people to experience something authentic so this is it–the balut of Pateros. We want to push the promotion of balut as a community business livelihood and a culinary tourism product,” said DOT-National Capital Region (NCR) Officer-in-Charge Cathy Agustin.

DOT-NCR said there are currently 20 balut makers in Pateros “whose production reaches thousands per day.”

“In an effort to revitalize the balut-making industry, the municipal government, with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-NCR introduced this year the incubator technology that will compliment and improve the yield of the traditional balut making process,” the DOT-NCR added.

The DOT-NCR is also pushing for the promotion of balut and itik dishes as a staple in restaurants, local eateries, and catering services in the municipality.

A ‘Balut sa Puti’ Commission will also be formed as the responsible body in handling the revival projects for the industry. Also, plans to put up a Pateros Duck Farm in Rizal is being discussed, the DOT-NCR said.

“Food tourism is alive and well here. We may not be known for tourist spots, but it is our balut that makes Pateros stand out,” said Pateros acting tourism officer Renato Bade.

Meanwhile, Pateros Mayor Miguel Ponce III believes that “in a year or two, balut will be the main industry of the municipality again.”


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