Anlene now has white coffee flavor, aside from chocolate & vanilla!

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If you follow my social media posts, you will know that am more of a coffee drinker than a milk drinker. I know that this is wrong since I should be ingesting more calcium at this age.Things are simply not the same as I feel my bones crack whenever I engage in some strenuous activity, LOL.

I have a game plan for fighting the discomfort of being older and less nimble. For example, I’ve become more aggressive in taking supplements. And it was certainly good news that my favorite adult milk ANLENE now has a White Coffee flavor! This is aside from the chocolate and vanilla flavors available in Anlene’s ready-to-drink and powdered milk packs. What’s not to love?

This photo taken from Anlene’s FB page. Pair your healthy meals with a serving of Anlene to meet daily calcium needs…a must for those aged 35 and up!


Each glass of Anlene provides its drinkers with:
– Twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs
– High protein for muscle development
– Collagen with its anti-aging properties and preventing bone loss

” Anlene understands that adults now live increasingly busy lives and we want to make it easier to make healthy choices to improve their work lives and personal lives,”said Jasmin Magsajo, Fonterra Brands Philippines’ Marketing Director as she explained the availability of more flavors and packaging for Anlene in the market.

As part of Anlene’s advocacy to help Filipinos become more aware about their body’s age,
Anlene will be supporting the iCare BPO Healthy Lifestyle Caravan. A Department of Health-
led campaign aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among BPO workers, they will be
visiting offices and partnering with local government units utilizing Tanita’s Body
Composition Analyzer. The machine will help determine not just the body’s metabolic age,
but also bone density, muscle mass, fat mass, and body water percentage. This also comes
with free consultations with health experts, who can give advice and tips on how to put a
stop to premature ageing in small ways.

A growing number of studies point out that 60% of the Filipino workforce is ageing prematurely. This means that for more than half of working Filipinos, their body age, which measures biological age depending on overall health and fitness, is older than their real age.

Premature ageing is oftentimes the underlying cause of exhaustion, affecting energy levels, productivity and the ability to do things you enjoy. It is largely brought about by lifestyle and diet choices, as more
and more people choose convenience over healthy food options, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits like smoking, and lack sleep and good quality rest.

“Half of Filipinos aged 19-60 are not getting enough protein, while more than 90% don’t get
enough calcium, which can lead to bone, muscle, and joint deterioration and weakness,”
noted Ms. Fely Velandria, registered nutritionist dietician and former Senior Science
Research Specialist of FNRI – DOST.

Jo Ann V. Salamat, Fonterra Brands Philippines’ Nutrition Manager, supports this, saying, “Low bone density and poor muscle mass brought about by lack of calcium and protein, may affect one’s ability to stay active and to keep up with day to day challenges. Unfortunately, with everyone’s busy lifestyle, balancing work, family and traffic, we tend to compromise on our food choices, sleep and exercise. That’s why even younger adults are experiencing premature ageing.”

Start the movement towards healthy ageing, and get your much-needed calcium, protein and
collagen to combat premature ageing, by taking Anlene every day.


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