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altFormal Launch and Workshop Training for DOST InfoSerbilis at Bayview Park Hotel Manila, attended by various representatives from DOST Regional offices and attached agencies

 There are a lot of sources to gather information, traditional IEC materials and regular search engines are some. But IECs can be limited or sometimes can have too much information that would possibly confuse the clients and some are often impersonal. Whereas, regular search engines are not too smart, not easy to use and actually redirects you to many sites. Costumers could also visit the office for their concerns and queries but some would have to travel in long distances. How can we help our clients save time and effort walking in at our DOST offices? How can they easily get reliable information and get answers from their queries in a flick of their fingers? InfoSerbilis is the answer!

The DOST-STII reinvents information dissemination thru InfoSerbilis which was formally launched on March 28, 2019. The Formal Launch and Workshop Training for DOST InfoSerbilis was held last March 28-29, 2019 at Bayview Park Hotel Manila where it was attended by various representatives from DOST Regional offices and attached agencies.

During the opening remarks of the DOST-STII Director, Mr. Richard P. Burgos, he said, “InfoSerbilis is a tool that could help us put together all information so that we can share and create knowledge among the greater number of DOST staff. It was designed to provide our clients access to a lot of information to DOST and so that, we can deliver good service to the public”. InfoSerbilis is an internal information service that broadens the scope of the STII library’s reach and unifies our information sources. It is a one-stop information authority source.

Clients can ask any DOST related questions on key personnel, programs, projects, activities, scholarships, laboratory services, events and other DOST information for public knowledge thru the InfoSerbilis website, where clients can log in thru their Facebook accounts and can type their queries into the chatbox.

Once a client sends a question thru the chatbox, a Frontline will answer their questions or concerns. But if questions are unanswered, the frontliner inserts ticket of clients. The frontline uses the engine of the InfoSerbilis. A Ticket Police will manage and sort the unanswered tickets and assigns the tickets to encoders. The encoder will collect and research data and inputs all the gathered data. For quality assurance, the Verifier reviews all the inputted data by the encoder and a Publisher is responsible in managing the content team and thus publishes all the verified data. A client receiving an acknowledgement message thru the system after his/her question, means that the question is already undergoing a ticketing process.

“This is DOST at work. We hope that you (DOST employees) become the influencers of your respective offices. Let’s see how this tool will help people, how we come up with stories. Aside from getting stories from the tri-media, let’s gather stories from the tool that we made,” Director Burgos said.


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" Two Filipino inventors scored a pair of gold medals in the International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2000) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2000. Engr. Cornelio Seño of Los Banos, Laguna and Rolando dela Cruz garnered golds for their inventions called, respectively, "Pressure Fluid Machine" and "Topical Formulation in Removing Warts, Moles and the Like Using Cashew Nuts (Annacardium occidentale)." Dela Cruz spent 25 years of research for his winning cashew nut preparation known as Dewart and Demole. Seno has four US and four Philippine patents under his name. "

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