Tubig sa Kinabuhi: A CEST Initiative Towards Clean and Safe Water

Thursday, June 06, 2019 01:11 AM    Views : 358by:Nova Belle C. Calotes and Roselyn V. Arellano

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, May 27 -(PIA)--Clean and safe water in, bacteria-contaminated water out! 

The “Tubig sa Kinabuhi” project is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology under its Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology or CEST program. 

Its main objective is to bring in clean and safe water to barangay Kibangay, Lantapan, Bukidnon.

In Lantapan, Bukidnon, where diarrhea and amoebiasis incidence is relatively high, DOST-10 and the Local Government Unit of Lantapan joined forces to find a solution to the water problem. 

The stakeholders themselves identified the urgent need for access to safe water during the consultation and launching of the CEST program in Lantapan.

The Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC)-Bukidnon and LGU Lantapan implemented the project “Water Contamination Eradication to Reduce Contamination-related Health Cases in Barangay Kibangay through the Provision of a Communal Water Purifier Technology in Barangay Kibangay, Lantapan, Bukidnon-D2”. 

The locals, both the indigenous people and settlers alike, call the project ‘Ang Tubig sa Kinabuhi’.  

This initiative preempt problems related to dirty water with the intention to save lives. 

The project is implemented by St. Francis Xavier parish and is serving the residents, including the hardest-to-reach sitios of Kibuda, Calamba and Maliwanag. 

The project includes a 24-stage water purification equipment using the reverse osmosis technology and filtration system. 

The facility is now providing access to affordable potable water.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, a package of training for the maintenance of the equipment and the facility forms part of the technology intervention.

“Tubig sa Kinabuhi” is serving more than 100 families from various parts of the barangay.

With a minimal fee of Php 20.00 per gallon of water, the community residents are now benefiting from the assistance of DOST-X.  

A recent evaluation of the Municipal Health Office revealed decrease in the incidence of waterborne diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid and other serious illnesses such as Guinea worm disease. (Nova Belle C. Calotes / Roselyn V. Arellano, DOST-X)


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" Two Filipino inventors scored a pair of gold medals in the International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2000) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2000. Engr. Cornelio Seño of Los Banos, Laguna and Rolando dela Cruz garnered golds for their inventions called, respectively, "Pressure Fluid Machine" and "Topical Formulation in Removing Warts, Moles and the Like Using Cashew Nuts (Annacardium occidentale)." Dela Cruz spent 25 years of research for his winning cashew nut preparation known as Dewart and Demole. Seno has four US and four Philippine patents under his name. "

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