Stop Dengue Now: 5 Questions about the Mosquito OL Trap Answered

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Keep your family from getting dengue with the newest innovation from DOST.

Make sure your kids are safe from dengue by eliminating Aedes aegypti mosquitoes before they even get a chance to multiply in your community. According to statistics from the Department of Health, there were 118,868 cases of dengue in the Philippines in 2011, with the highest number being in Metro Manila.

With such an alarming number of cases in the country, it's important to take precautionary measures. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) developed the Mosquito Ovicidal/Larvicidal Trap (Mosquito OL Trap) in 2011 as a means of reducing mosquito population. Government agencies Department of Health, Department of Education, and Department of Interior and Local Government joined forces with DOST to create the trap.

Scroll through the gallery below to find out how the Mosquito OL Trap works.

To buy your own traps, contact Czary Techno Industries, their authorized manufacturer. Each kit costs P20.00 with OL pellet packets going at P2 each. You can call Minette S. Trajano at 921-8978 or e-mail or for inquiries. Interested private schools can also contact DOST-NCR at 837-3162.


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" Dr. Baldomero Olivera, a UP Summa cum Laude graduate, discovered conotoxins, a bunch of biomolecules in Philippine marine snails now used in international neuroscience research. A seacone known scientifically as Conus lapulapu was named after Lapulapu, the Philippine hero who killed Ferdinand Magellan in war. "

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