E-trikes to replace tricycles in Boracay

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:00 AM    Views : 1822by:Noel Cabobos

BORACAY ISLAND, Malay, Aklan Electric vehicles are expected to become widely used as public utility vehicles in Boracay Island with the entry of ELAIA Green Vehicles Corporation here.

ELAIA, a local manufacturer of E-Trikes, recently signed an accord with the Boracay Land Transport & Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) for their partnership in bringing in an environment-friendly transportation services in this island.

During the event, ELAIA brought three model units for a test run in Boracay which will serve as prototype units to test if they are suited to the terrain of Boracay roads and routes.

Ronaldo Puno, general manager of ELAIA, said the company had negotiated with BLTMPC for the test of their units which he said are better than the ones being manufactured and sold to the Philippines by China.

"We see to it that our units are suited and applicable to the terrain of an area. We already have tested our units in Antipolo City and they worked well compared to their counterparts from China," he said.

"Compared to those that were made from China, what we manufacture here are pre-designed and engineered to outlast the worst environment and condition. We have built more powerful engines because this is what we need in our country like in Boracay. We have designed a gear shift booster for our e-trikes to safely travel through higher elevation," he said.

BLTMPC chair Joel Gelito, in an interview with the The News Today, was ecstatic about the test run and added "if it's effective, we are sure to have a long-term partnership with ELAIA to bring better and environment-friendly services to Boracaynons and tourists in Boracay."

Currently, BLTMPC has 547 tricycles plying in the island.

The local government under Malay mayor John Yap is pushing for the phase out of tricycles to preserve the island's environment citing issues of smoke emissions and noise pollution.

Earlier, in their efforts to start solving the problem, local officials bought electronic vehicles from GerWeiss Motors Corporation and did a test run. Yap said that if the units are proven effective and suited to Boracay, the local government will spearhead the introduction of e-trike as the main public utility vehicle for the island.

The move, however was assailed by BLTMPC saying that "although the effort was good, the existence of those e-trikes without a franchise is considered illegal."


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