Soldiers plant fruit trees to support to AFP's tree-growing program

Friday, July 20, 2012 07:41 AM    Views : 774by:Rene V. Carbayas

Personnel of the 4th Civil Relations Group (4CRG) and their dependents participated in the tree growing program of the Civil Relations Service Armed Forces of the Philippines (CRSAFP) that started June, this year.

The activity involves planting of fruit bearing trees not only at specified areas but also within their respective backyarsds, said Lt. Col. Erwin A. Alea, 4CRG group commander, in a press statement.

"This activity is in line with CRSAFP's advocacy of involving its personnel both military and civilian employees to include their dependents in the "Greening" program and subsequently project the AFP's IPSP strategic objective on environmental protection and disaster risk reduction and management," he said.

He added that the primary intent of the program is to make substantial and significant impact not only towards addressing the adverse effects of global warming and climate change but in generating a concerted effort to address this global concern.

"With this program, CRSAFP would be able to project the relevance and collective commitment of its personnel and their dependents for the environment," he said.

The program is to be implemented in three successive phases.

He said preparation, education and program orientation was done under phase one, while the tree planting proper under phase two was recently implemented by organic personnel, civilian employees and the dependents of 4CRG.

Alea said most of the dependents enjoyed the activity.

Among them is the five year old sister of Army Private First Class Raymond Ferdinand Quin, Neeshka Quin who actively involved herself during the tree planting and growing activities at 4th CRG headquarters.

Alea shared that when the little girl was asked if she like planting trees, she innocently replied with a wide smile using local vernacular, "Dol ta huga lang iyo mientras ta shembra pono (It's like I'm playing while planting trees)."

"We are encouraging not only our personnel but everyone to get involved with this kind of activity because aside from the benefit that we are giving the environment, this would also be a nice moment to spend leisure time especially for parents when they want their children to learn, appreciate, and value the importance of a greener mother nature," Alea said.

He also revealed that the tree-growing program will culminate on August 31.


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