Energy-LGU tie-up

Thursday, January 17, 2013 01:32 AM    Views : 362by:Alena Mae S. Flores

The Energy Department is set to issue a circular that will prioritize and speed up the approval of energy projects with endorsement from local government units.

Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla said the department would fast-track service contract applications with LGU endorsement.

"We don't want overtaking, but I will allow overtaking. You can overtake, even for oil or coal on one condition, [that is] if there is an endorsement from the LGU," Petilla told reporters at the International Electricity Research Exchange-Technology Issues and Solutions meeting jointly organized by Manila Electric Co. and IERE.

Petilla said the current process involved the Energy Department issuing the service contract to the project proponents, which had to secure project approval from the LGUs.

Petilla, however, said some LGUs refused to endorse the projects, even if the department had already issued the service contract.

"Actually, the process is, I'll give you the contract but it's up to you to go to the LGU and make sure that the social acceptability is okay. That's not the role of DoE," he said.

Petilla said the department's role was only to determine the technical aspect of the energy projects.


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