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Fields of Specialization
Abasolo, Willie P.
Plant Biomechanics Wood Anatomy Forestry Agriculture
Abenes, Fiorello B.
Animal Veterinary Science
Abigania, Ma. Isabel T.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Abilay, Jhonny P.
Dairy Cattle Breeding and Genetics
Abrajano, Teofilo A. Jr.
Earth Environmental Sciences
Abrenica, Alexa P.
Social Scienxes Counseling Psychology
Abrenica, Ma. Joy V.
Telecommunications Industrial Organizations International Trade Economics
Abulencia, James Patrick P.
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Acedo, Antonio Jr. L.
Postharvest Physiology Technology of fruits, vegetables, and cutflowers Assessment and reduction of postharvest losses of fruits, vegetables and cutflowers Postharvest quality maintenance and life extension of fruits, vegetables and cutflowers Agriculture Botany
Acorda, Jezie Alix
Animal Nutrition Ultrasonography Veterinary Acupuncture Veterinary Medicine
Acosta-Michlik, Lilibeth A.
Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts
Advincula, Rigoberto C.
Chemistry(Polymer, Organic, Nanoscience Analytical)
Aganon, Teotimo M.
Rodent Biology Entomology Biology
Aggangan, Romulo T.
Forest Soils Forest Ecology Silviculture and Forest Influences Forest Plantation Development and Management. Extensive Forestry and Environment R & D management particularly in the fields of program planning, budgeting and packaging R & D agenda setting & prioritization R & D project formulation; project monitoring and evaluation
Aguda, Baltazar D.
Systems Biology(Biomedical System Modeling)
Aguilar, Zoraida P.
Analytical Chemistry
Alanis, Paul Karson B.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Albano, Alfonso M.
Physics (Non-linear Dynamics)
Alejandro, Grecebio Jonathan D.
Biology Plant Systematics Biogeography (Plant Groups)
Aleta, Carlito R.
Nuclear Engineering
Alfaro, Marolo C.
Civil Engineering
Alguno, Arnold C. /
Semiconductor Physics Solar Cell Technology Material Science and Condensed Matter
Alipon, Marina A.
Agriculture and Forestry
Almira, Ernesto C.;
Genomics and Proteomics (DNA Sequencing)
Alocilja, Evangelyn C.
Biosystems Engineering
Amalin, Divina M.
Crop Entomology
Amoroso, Victor B.
Botany Economic Ferns Histochemical Studies (Medicinal Ferns) Philippine Cycas Morphology and Taxonomy
Ang, Marcelo H., Jr.
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering(Robotics and Mechatronics)
Anterola, Aldwin M.
Plant Physiology
Aquino, Vermando M.
Botany Plant Pathology Pest Management
Aragones, Eustaquio G. Jr.
Ecology Forestry Forest Botany Agriculture
Arpa, Ma. Carmencita B.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Bacolcol, Teresito C.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Baguinon, Marilyn C.
Barcelon, Eufemio G.
Food Technology & Engineering
Barrion, Alberto T.
Zoology Rice and Rice-based Crops Pest Management Crop Protection Systematic Botany Ecology of Arthropods
Bautista, Bartolome C.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Bautista, Ma. Leonila P.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Beja, Edsel, L. Jr. /
Economics Political Economy
Bergardo, Dennes T.
Geotechnical Engineering
Blanche, Catalino A.
Bongolan-Walsh, Vena Pearl A. /
Applied Mathematics
Bornas, Ma. Antonia V.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Buot, Felixberto A.
Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Cabral, Brian Michael I.
Cahulogan, Mabelline T.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Calilung, Venus, J.
Capa, Maricel L.
Volcanology Seismology Disaster Mitigation
Cardenas, Meinhard Bayani R.
Hydrogeology and Hydrology
Cariņo, Ledivina V.
Public Administration Sociology Health Services

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In 1902, the serum laboratory of the Bureau of Health (now Department of Health) and the botany section of the Bureau of Agriculture (now Department of Agriculture) were both under the Bureau of Government Laboratories.


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