About the Science Nation Tour

Science Nation Tour, our way to becoming a Science Nation.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has been doing its best to help bring developmental milestones in the country through the use of science and technology.

And now, the Science and Technology Information Institute under DOST, is at the forefront of implementing the Science Nation Tour to fulfill its purpose of making our country a Science Nation.

Science Nation Tour is DOST's vehicle that will drive the country toward socio-economic development through the intervention of technologies and innovative processes, modernizing the country using strategic and systematic introduction of science, technology, and innovation.

An effort to enable equal access to economic opportunity, provide protection, and social safety networks to all stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the country.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To disseminate all Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) information in all parts of the country using a holistic and harmonized approach
  • To support the conduct of Information and Education Campaigns (IEC) of all DOST agencies including the Regional Cluster S&T Fairs where the Science Nation Tour shall serve as a follow through activity
  • To give awareness about STII's mandate as DOST's information and marketing arm
  • To enhance public awareness of the various DOST initiatives in science, technology and innovation as a way of encouraging the public to embrace a culture of science, technology and innovation with strong bias for the down streaming of science-based knowledge products developed by DOST's various institutes [e.g. MIRDC, PCAARRD, FNRI, PTRI, etc.] for adoption and application by provincial and regional stakeholders.