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PNRI Researchers Win the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Regional Award

September 15, 2017
Ms. Glenda Obra, Scientist I and head of the PNRI Agriculture Research Section (5th from left), Mr. Sotero Resilva, Science Research Specialist (6th from left), and Ms. Luvimina Lanuza, head of the ...


August 18, 2017
A member of the PNRI Mobile Expert Support Team (MEST) discusses about the Mobile Detection System (MDS) van previously used by PNRI and police personnel during the APEC and ASEAN summits. PNRI M ...

PNRI Research on Nanotherapeutics Wins Awards in Japan

January 25, 2017
        Mr. Chitho Feliciano of the PNRI Biomedical Research Section (top left) wins the De Silva Prize for Best Oral Presentation (top right) in Tsukuba, Japan, the Best Poster ...

PNRI Wins Best Poster Award in Canada for Plant Growth Promoters

January 20, 2017
PNRI Scientist Dr. Lucille Abad receives the Best Poster Award from the International Irradiation Association (IIA) for the PNRI project on the development of irradiated natural polymers as Plant Gr ...

Experts urge more studies on the opening of Bataan nuclear plant

December 15, 2016
In a forum organized by the Department of Science and Technology - National Academy of Science and Technology (DOST-NAST), experts recommended further studies before finally putting the Bataan Nuclear ...

Medical Professionals from the Provinces Study Radioisotope Applications

November 02, 2016
Participants of the 6th Course on Medical Use of Radioisotopes (CMR) and the 3rd Course on Radioisotope Techniques (CRT)     The trainees participate in an exercise on radiation survey a ...

Philippines Hosts Asian Educators to Bring Nuclear S&T to Secondary Schools

September 13, 2016
IAEA Technical Officer Dr. Sunil Sabharwal (2nd row, 6th from left), Dr. Valerie Segovia of the Nuclear Power Institute, Texas A&M University, USA (2nd row, 6th from right), Mr. Eko Supardyono f ...

DOST steps up Adlai crops with irradiation technology

April 27, 2016
Left and Center Photo: Ginampay variety of AdlaiRight Photo: A PNRI researcher measures the height of the putative mutant Adlai. its seeds were irradiated with gamma radiation Helping to overcome J ...

Expert calls for diversification of fuel options in DOST nuclear science forum

December 11, 2015
The Philippines should reduce its dependency on one fuel, and instead tap diverse fuels in order to provide for its increasing electricity requirements. This need for a strong program on diversificat ...

Nuclear tech: what's in it for the young - tackled in DOST summit

December 09, 2015
High School and college students from different schools in Metro Manila gathered to learn about the challenges and opportunities for the young generation in the field of nuclear science in the First N ...

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