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Marcos: Science and Technology week proof with gov't help, Filipinos can be world-class

Monday, November 28, 2022 06:27 AM    Views : 111by: Gabriel Pabico Lalu



MANILA, Philippines — The 2022 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) is proof that Filipinos can be good at their respective fields and be world-class if the government supports their aspirations, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said on Wednesday.

Marcos apologized for letting the audience wait for him as he thoroughly examined the projects and research outputs presented by Filipino scientists during the opening ceremonies of the 2022 NSTW held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

The President, who was accompanied by Science and Technology Secretary Renato Solidum Jr., spent over 45 minutes looking at the items exhibited at the venue.

“Going through all of these exhibits before we came up — and I apologize if we kept you waiting but they are very, very, interesting, I could spend all day discussing all of these great innovations and the one thing we (say), ‘Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy (Filipinos are really good)’,” Marcos said in his speech.

“Basta’t maganda ang suporta sa ating mga scientist, sa ating mga researchers, sa ating mga teacher, walang (imposible), world-class talaga ang mga Pilipino kaya’t we should not allow this opportunity to pass us by,” he added.

(As long as there is good support for our scientists, for our researchers, for our teachers, nothing is impossible, Filipinos are really world-class talents so we should not allow this opportunity to pass us by.)

According to Marcos, the exhibits show that the future is bright for the Philippines, as it looks to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic especially with science and technology taking centerstage in the post-pandemic world.

“That’s why as I greet you, I am excited to know that the future is bright for the Filipinos […] as we come out of the post pandemic and face the new economy, it is a new economy, it is not the same world that we left in the last quarter of 2019. And when, let us say the pandemic is well-managed, let us say the crisis in Ukraine may have diminished somewhat, we are still facing a new world,” he said.

“COVID changed everything. And because it is a new world, these are new problems that we are facing and therefore we need to find new solutions. And innovation is the key, innovation and agility, ‘yon ang mga buzzword ngayon eh, innovation and agility in being able to adjust properly with new ideas, new systems,” he added.

The 2022 Science and Technology Week, which runs from November 23 to 27, carries the theme “Agham at Teknolohiya: Kabalikat sa Maunlad at Matatag na Kinabukasan” which literally translates to “Science and Technology: Partner in a Prosperous and Sturdy Future”.

This year’s edition seeks to bring science and technology closer to Filipino enthusiasts, especially young students, who may be inspired by first-hand experience at the World Trade Center.

Among the items exhibited are electronic land vehicles like e-tricycles and electronic buses, cosmetic and food items engineered by local scientists, advancements in agriculture and aquaculture, and even children’s books that hope to attract young people into the sciences.

Marcos then assured that his administration would continue to support the sciences.

“Accordingly, the administration assures you of our firm commitment in championing science and technology researches, developing data-driven and science-based policies, implementing evidence-based responses, [and] supporting your community,” he said.

“I challenge DOST (Department of Science and Technology) and their partner-institutions to continue to provide more scholarships to Filipino students to develop a bigger pool of scientists, researchers, [and] innovators in the country,” he added.

This is not the first time Marcos has shown interest in the sciences: in his keynote speech at the 8th Annual Balik Scientist Convention, the President admitted that he wanted to pursue a career in the sciences but his late father, namesake and former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. dissuaded him.

According to the younger Marcos, almost all of his scholastic career was focused on the sciences, but the former president told him to pursue another path because it was not financially rewarding.

Source: Inquirer.Net website

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